The Cheapest & Best UK Mobile Deal

SMARTY have got the art of a no-frill low-cost mobile network down to a tee, with cheap and flexible SIM only plans, decent coverage and a killer unique selling point in buying back your unused data.

All of this and all the benefits of the Three network.



  • Plans from £6 per month
  • Get money back for unused data
  • Free months for getting friends to join
  • Short deals with no credit checks
  • Unlimited Minutes & Texts on ALL Plans
  • All the benefits of the Three network
  • 5G ready

Need a virtual landline number?

A Flextel Number is a permanent flexible phone number that is not associated with any phone equipment or to any one location. Flextel is independent from every phone/mobile provider (e.g. BT, C&W, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Energis etc), so you are free to change location or phone/mobile provider at anytime – day or night – in seconds. Keeping the same permanent phone number active at all times!

Flexible numbering lets you take complete control of your incoming telephone calls. Just one unchanging number can reach you at any normal telephone wherever you may be in the world. By choosing the right Flextel Number, you can do this without paying any call diversion charges or monthly service fees.

If you have any questions about these packages, please contact us.