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Billing & Prices

Yes, please choose the Direct Payment option at the checkout and click the link to the PayPal.me page.

Category: Billing & Prices

Only from those over 80 years old.

Category: Billing & Prices

Standing order is no problem and we accept credit and debit cards for your initial package payment before being transferred on to direct debit.

Yes, but please remember that all contracts are on an initial 12 month basis. If you cancel before this time we will ask you to pay the remainder of the package price before we can allow transfer of your site to another provider.

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Category: Email

You can have as many email accounts and forwarding aliases as you want. You will also have access to our WebMail service for POP3/IMAP accounts.

Category: Email

Yes, but you don’t have to if you are not technically minded. With our fully managed hosting just let us know your requirements and we’ll do all the work for you. 

Category: Email

Yes, we offer full WebMail free of charge with every package.

Category: Email
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Existing Clients

We operate super tight security on all of our sites and entering an invalid username or password can get you locked out for 2 months.

If you do get locked out due to a password error, try using the forgotten password facility.

If you have forgotten your username, contact us for assistance.

Category: Existing Clients

Yes, click here for details.

Category: Existing Clients


Our web hosting package is only available to our design clients. Most small and medium businesses use shared hosting through GoDaddy, Fasthosts, Heart Internet etc. These are very cheap, but these websites are hosted along with, quite literally thousands of other websites. Our server runs faster and more reliably, mainly due to adequate resources which are often not available on the usual shared hosting plans.

We can, however offer you a Virtual Private Server or Dedicated Server for your website at very attractive prices. Contact us for more information.

Category: Hosting

We can provide you with a free .co.uk domain (subject to availability) for as long as you stay with us. If after the minimum contract period you would like to leave then we will happily give you a totally free transfer to another provider of your choice.

Category: Hosting

Pre Sales Questions

We build websites but we do not get involved with sites which others have built. The reasoning behind this is because, from past experience we have learned that it is easier for us and cheaper for the client to start from scratch.

Rectifying others mistakes is time consuming, and therefore expensive.

We are unable to work with CMS systems, such as Wix or Shopify.

A very good question which is simply answered. Would you trust a carpenter to fix your plumbing?

Generally speaking yes. However we are unable to transfer sites from third party CMS providers, such as Wix or Shopify.

Generally speaking, yes. However we are unable to work with third party CMS providers, such as Wix or Shopify.

Standing order is no problem and we accept credit and debit cards for your initial package payment before being transferred on to direct debit.

Yes, we have specialists in all of these departments.

You have 24/7 access at all times.

This will ultimately depend on how much information you provide us with at the outset. Simple websites with content provided can take as little as a few hours to build.

Regrettably our shift patterns and low prices do not always allow for us to answer telephone calls during busy periods. Also, we need a written record of all client’s website requirements, via the Project Management & Support system. Clients who order a bespoke service have access to a dedicated support number 24 hours per day and 365 days per year.


Not unless you have unlimited funds to buy Google Ads at the premium rate, and anyone who says they can is not being truthful with you. We can, however, work toward getting you the best organic (free) placing for your desired keywords; ie: website design, web design devon, wordpress design devon etc etc.

All of our websites are set up with basic Search Engine Optimisation before launch, and client’s can tweak the SEO of each page individually to their requirements. Alternatively we can do the SEO work for you.

Category: SEO

Site Editing

We use the standard WordPress editor with TinyMCE plugin for extra functionality.

Category: Site Editing

Technical & DNS

Absolutely no problem. If you do not want to use a database this is no problem, although of course it will severely limit the functionality of your site.

Category: Technical & DNS

If your domain was not registered by us on your behalf, you will need to login to your domain registrar’s control panel and add the following DNS records (delete all other ones):

An A Record for .[yourdomain] pointing to:
An A Record for *.[yourdomain] – pointing to:
An A Record for mail.[yourdomain] – pointing to:

An MX Record  for  .[yourdomain] pointing to: mail.[yourdomain] – Priority 10
An MX Record for *.[yourdomain] pointing to: mail.[yourdomain] – Priority 10

Don’t forget  to remove the brackets from the example and leave the dot (.) before each if asked for it

If for any reason you are unable to use either of the above methods, use:


Category: Technical & DNS

Question not answered? Click here to contact us online.