Alpha-Numeric Numbers


Alpha-Numeric numbers make it easier by using the letters on the telephone keypad to spell out a business or brand name. It’s far simpler to remember a name than a series of random numbers.


Many businesses in the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia use ‘vanity 1800 toll free numbers’ in their marketing and promotions, and for good reason.

Everyone is familiar with the letters on their telephone keypad; it’s time to take advantage of this and secure your company name before someone else does!


Benefits of Alpha-Numeric Phone Numbers:


  • provides instant company and product recognition
  • ensures your business phone number is easily recalled
  • proven success in the USA, Canada, Australia & New Zealand
  • sure to be the next big thing when they become popular in the U.K

Some examples of AlphaDial Numbers currently in use by well known brands


  • 0800 REVERSE
  • 00800 GILLETTE
  • 00800 00 ALFA
  • 08000 PLANET
  • 0870 321 IPTV (our clients at